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Performances 2023

Performances, free workshops, video dance screenings, panel discussions, and social gatherings. 

August 15 to 20, 2023 at Native Earth Performing Arts - Aki Studio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Agite y Sirva curated by Ximena Monroy - Mexico
International Video Dance Selection
August 15,  7:00 pm

Agite y Sirva (pour & shake) is a screendance and choreocinema platform founded in 2008, as a promotion, teaching, production, and research network around these fields of crossing among scenic, visual, sound, and cinematic arts. We consider screendance as the inscriptions of movement, choreography, and dance, through moving images as screening media, beyond a specific technical or material medium. 

La comunidad del oído atento- Dir Gabriela D. Ruvalcaba-Denisse Cárdenas L.-Amira Ramírez

La comunidad del oído atento: Gabriela Bosquenegro - Denisse Cárdenas - Amira Ramírez | 21 min | Mexico | 2018 

La comunidad del oido atento

Yakana 1 dir Andrea Chamorro 02.jpg

YAKANA 1: Andrea Chamorro | 7 min | Chile | 2016 

Yanaka 1

RAMITA SECA_Elisa Portela.jpg

RAMITA SECA, La colonialidad permanente: Elisa Portela - Bartolina Xixa | 5 min | Argentina | 2019 

Ramita Seca


Ausencias: José Arteaga - Marién Luévano | 5 min | Mexico | 2016 


Double Up-Dir Francesca Penzani 36.jpg

Double Up: Francesca Penzani | 15 min | USA | 2017

Double Up

VANITAS-Dir Vinicius Cardoso y Samuel Kavalerski_5.jpg

VANITAS: Vinicius Cardoso - Samuel Kavalerski | 6 min | Brazil | 2017


Program A
John Herny Gerena.jpeg
E553N714L HUM4N
by John Henry Gerena

August 17 and 18,  8:00 pm

The main context in which the piece's development is framed has to do with colonialism and its influence in today's world. Colonialism made the world's political map look like it does today, with borders that ignore local realities; where the colonial powers denied or misunderstood the cultural, economic, political, and social particularities of the peoples under colonial domination, imposing their own. From the performative dance, a visual discourse is established that is loaded with symbology and allows the establishment of a unique position about personal experience in the face of colonization, religion, society, and race.

© Eduardo Ruiz photo by Andrea de Keijzer.jpg
Opus 45
by Eduardo Ruiz

August 17 and 18,  8:00 pm

OPUS 45 is a work that proposes the relationship between body and analog technology, through a theatricality of the here and now, the live deconstruction of movements, electroacoustic sounds, and voice, OPUS 45 bets on awakening corporal sensations and reconciling memories. The work proposes a bodily reflection around the hybrid and bio-

a political body, where the corporal and sonorous actions will build a symbolic dialogue. The work is an in situ event that develops from a series of concrete points, traced and organized within the presentation site where the risk between the sound material, the gesture, the body, and the space enter into a sensitive relationship with each other, allowing for an effervescent choreographic and musical construction. Vibration, suspension, and spatialization of sound serve as tools to make possible the set of tensions and intentions that I develop through my work.

Jose Carret .jpeg
Beyond Words
by José Carret  Toronto-Cuba

August 17 and 18,  8:00 pm

Very close to me, under my skin,  I feel the sound of the rivers, of the birds after the intense rain, in the mountains, in the plains. It is the voice of my ancestors walking through forests with their feet on the green grass, cold under the dark sky.....

Program B
by Olga Barrios

August 19th, 8:00 pm,
and August 20th, 2:00 pm

“Mestiza”  is a solo work created in 2019. It is an expanded dialogue between movement, sound, visuals and plastic elements, in which Olga explores the traces of indigenous heritage that have been erased in her personal journey, as it has happened with many in diverse places of the Americas and on the planet.  Thus, it looks for connecting voices of other geographies where that resonates. This work is based on the woman of many colours that she feels about herself, and with the many other voices in the world that look for connection with ideas of erased traces in history. 
Music and composition by Edgardo Moreno
Supported by Fodca Colombia, and Museum Tayrona

Olga  photo by Rita Taylor.jpg
Conversation #1-work in progress
by Olga Barrios 
Toronto - Colombia
August 19, 8:00 pm and August 20, 2:00 pm

Choreographer Olga Barrios opens a first conversation with women from South and North America based on her research/work  “Mestiza”.  A Vanguardia Dance Production in partnership with Aamitaagzi.  The work opens questions about traces erased from history, the territories that each one inhabits, and the moving of a body as a territory.

The piece is the result of the first laboratory conversation about identity between dance artists Penny Couchie, Lilia León, Nimikii Couchie, dance dramaturge Norma Araiza, composer Edgardo Moreno, and Olga Barrios.   

Supported by Ontario Arts Council for the Arts

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