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Hybrid Women


Travelling performance




Willow Wind Farm, Vanguadia Fest 2021 in Uxbridge, Ontario
The Bentway, Vanguardia Fest 2021 in Toronto, Ontario
Trent University, Public Energy 2022
Museo de la Memoria, FESTA 2022 Bogota, Colombia
Dialogues of Camera and Body, Dance Film, Canada

Hybrid Women is a site-specific dance theatre-ritual-action that focuses on the relationship of us humans with our environment and the diverse aspects of the decadency of our planet. It is a clown-like piece that makes us think of what our priorities are at this moment in time.

This work looks for the conversation between movement, theatre, performance, sound, and plastic elements as a cross-pollination that has been present in our individual work so far. (The outcome is a site-specific performance ritual not necessary because it’s at the beginning.)

Concept, direction and choreography: Norma Araiza and Olga Barrios
Sound and music composition: Edgardo Moreno
Performers: Norma Araiza, Olga Barrios, and Edgardo Moreno (live sound)

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