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Vanguardia Dance Projects (VDP), is a collective focused on creating, presenting, promoting, and supporting works of dance artists with Latin American and indigenous backgrounds living in Canada. 


We intend to promote an ongoing exchange and collaboration with local and international dance organizations and artists. We are interested in the dissemination of contemporary artistic practices of dance artists with Latin American backgrounds in Canada, maintaining conversation with the rest of the country and the world. 


We support innovative artists that include other art disciplines pushing the boundaries of what is called “contemporary” as well as works that, having dance as the core, reflect a permanent search for expression through different languages.   


We intend to contribute to reducing the access gaps, bring together new audiences, and support artists to carry out their projects of creation, training, and national and international projection. We need dialogue between the different sectors of society, from artists to their audiences through reflection on the environment and the community; to open our eyes and perspectives to understand the societies in which we live.  Art gives us a more extensive, more human, more sensitive view.


VDP produces different events such as a bi-annual festival, an annual international artistic residency, producing artists' work, workshops, and touring.

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